About Us

Common problems beginners face in every field include confusion, uncertainty, and lack of proper direction. The Forex market is not excluded. Here at ForexTechnics, we provide simplified Forex content such as basic Forex concepts, news, fundamental and technical analysis, financial advice, EAs, and more.

We aim to serve as a guide, friend, or mentor to traders seeking assistance or any form of help navigating through the confusing pool of resources available for Forex traders.


Our mission is to provide Forex traders, beginners, and professionals with accurate Forex trading information, directing them properly toward whatever resources they require through their Forex journey.


To be the main source of simplified Forex news, trading strategies, and fundamental and technical analysis. To aid thousands of traders worldwide on their journey to becoming successful traders.

Our team

To make our vision a reality and uphold our mission, we have assembled a team of highly trained, well-experienced Forex traders who have spent years learning and trading the Forex market.  We realize that only with great experience and expertise can one direct others on the path to success.

Our team members include

Onyeka Okoli Franklin




Federal University of Technology Owerri


Forex Analyst || Technical Analysis || Algorithmic Trading || Data Analysis


Having six years of hands-on experience as a forex trader, I excel in technical analysis using it as a tool for forex analysis. I also profoundly understand algorithmic trading using Python as a major programming language for backtesting various forex trading strategies.

I am keen to share my knowledge and guide beginners on the right path in Forex’s ever-changing world. As a seasoned trader, I am well-versed in analyzing market trends, identifying potential opportunities, and mitigating risks using proper Risk Management techniques.

Having successfully navigated the complexities of the Foreign Exchange Market, I am dedicated to helping beginners avoid common pitfalls or mistakes and make informed decisions. I understand the struggles of forex traders having experienced them myself. Forextechnics was created for this purpose.

To help beginners and all levels of traders to quality information which is a scarce resource in the Forex Trading Community

Other Team Members